Aug 25, 2003
Fun stuff!!

Hiya! was cool. I woke up around 12. Then, I got ready for the day and all that crap and I talked online for a while. After I got ready, my mom and I went to the Mail Emporium because she had to mail something..somewhere. that..we went to Rib Crib to pick up some paper work for my dad. We sat down to eat when we were there. I had myself some chicken fingers and fries. Mwahaha. I also had an oreo sunday. It was friggin good. Mwaha. Then, my mom and I had to Fed Ex some papers to my dad. When all that crap was over...I went to Old Navy to get some clothes. Fun stuff. And I was so friggin happy because I ACTUALLY FOUND JEANS THAT FIT ME! It was a friggin miracle. lol. then I went home and I talked online for quite a while. I watched that Meet the Folks crap and now I'm sitting here doing nothing. What a crap load of fun. KEVIN AND ASHLEY ARE COMING HOME ON FRIDAY! Rock on so much. Yeah..I'm so excited. I'm bored. Isn't that just too cool for school. Yeah man! Meanwhile..I'm trying to scare my mom. It's so funny. I hide behind a corner..and then she comes and i yell, "DANGER!!!" and she screams. It is so funny. You should try it sometime. She said she'd get me back. I doubt that will be happening. Mwahaha. Like I've said millions of times..summer is getting sooo boring. There's nothing to do. Blah!!! Yeah..well..I feel like watching Waterboy. That is one good movie. The special part of when he says.."My momma says you're the devil." Or when they're talking about how alligators have all them teeth..and no toothbrush. Whoever came up with a genious. Yeah man! Yeah..well..I think I am going to go talk online somemore..and then I'm going to go watch Waterboy. Fun stuff. Yeah man. Well..bye.

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Aug 23, 2003
Hideaway and Movies!

Yello! Today wasn't very exciting. I woke up around 1. Fun stuff. I sat around for most of the day..being bored. As usual..I talked online for quite a while. Then, at about 2..I went to Hideaway with my mom and dad. I had a very good pizza. Anywho..yeah..then I went to see My Boss's Daughter with Natalie and some of her friends. It was pretty good. Isn't that crap just exciting?! Yeah, man. Now I'm home..being usual. KEVIN AND ASHLEY ARE COMING HOME NEXT WEEKEND! I can't wait. I'm so excited to see them. They've only been gone for a couple weeks but I DON'T CARE! I miss them anyways. lol. It's been so friggin weird around my house without Kevin here. He's usually joking around all day and making everybody laugh and THERE'S NO MORE OF THAT! We bought a chew thingy for my dog. It's for strong chewers..ya know..since my dog rips apart every chew thingy we get him. today..I tried to take it from him so I could throw it across the hallway and he could go catch it. HE CLAWED ME! My whole arms red. Well..not my whole arm. I may be exaggerating quite a bit..but oh well..I don't care. Summer is getting so friggin boring. It's been so long. There's nothing left to do. There's nowhere to go swimming or anything. There's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do. Yeah man. I still need to clean my room. Fun stuff. Well..I'm going to go..and try and do something to..stop being bored. I doubt that will happen. But w/e. Lyl. Later.

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Aug 21, 2003

Hey ya'll. wasn't very fun and exciting. I sat around on the computer all day..being bored. I talked to Chelso for a while. lol..she gave me this interesting test and part of it asked you to describe a dog in one word and I said furry. What it was suppose to mean was this was the type of personality you have. So..pretty much..I have a furry personality. lol. Fun stuff. My mom and I waited all day for my dad to get home so we could go eat. Finally at about 7...we went to eat at Outback. Fun stuff. Well..that's pretty much my day. I'm gonna go. Lyl. Later.

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Aug 20, 2003
Uptown Girls!

Hi ya'll. Today was fun. For most of the morning I did stuff at my house. Not very fun but oh well. I talked to Chelso for a while. We decided to go see Uptown Girls. It was a really good movie. I discovered that Chelso is phsychic. Whoa man. She predicted what was going to happen in the previews. Whoa Man. At the end of the movie I stood up and fell. Go me. Then we walked out and sat down and waited to be picked up. Then, we saw this old person who had the SHORTEST SHORTS EVER! It was nastifying. They looked like underwear. It was so disgusting. Then, I was remembering one thing from the movie where they wanted to spin around and puke and I decided to spin around and I fell down. Hehe. Go me. Anywho..I have to go. Lyl. Later.

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Aug 19, 2003
Fun and Exhilerating!

Hey!~! Whoa..this is a lot better than Anyone who has a journal there..I recommend using this. was fun stuff. First I had to go to the orthodontist..which sucked big time. I have to have my braces on longer. Oh well..I'll get them off soon. Then..we drove by Memorial because Momma Knight wanted to know when the friggin friggin orientation was..and it said it on the thingy mabobber. So fun and exhilerating! After that I went by the dance school that Nat and I are going to so I could see when I have to enroll..that wasn't exciting..all I did was walk up to a door! WHOA MAN! Then..I went to Rons to eat..which rocked..because I love Rons. After that I bought some flip flops and I went home. I would like to tell you that...I was wearing these flip flops today and I was walking through my house..and they made me slide across the room. It was fun and exhilerating. Yes..that was my excitement for the day. I'm almost finished with Harry Potter!! I'm pissed that I have to wait untill the next one comes out. I love those books. I don't get to hang out with Nat much anymore..she starts school tommorrow. THERE'S STILL CHELSO! Chelso rocks. She's my best dude. Hehe. lol..I got in trouble for playing with the lighter thingy. I just thought the way you work those things was so cool. Haha. Yeah..I know..weird. Oh well. I'm getting ready to watch Austin Powers in Goldmember. What a great movie! It's one of the most hilarious movies I've ever seen. Anywho..I'm going to go now. There's nothing much else to say. Later. Lyl.

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Yo! It's Amy. a.k.a. Amypan or Pan. Hehe. I'm 14 and I'm a Freshman at Memorial!


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